Safety 1st Driving Academy Services

Junior Operator's License Course

The Junior Operator's License Course (commonly known as Driver's Ed) provides the student with the state minimum requirements needed to apply for a Junior Operator's License in Massachusetts.  The Course include 30 hours of Classroom Training, 12 hours of Behind the Wheel (BTW) Training, and 6 hours of Driving Observation.  Parents are required to attend a two hour parent class/orientation which is included in this package.  The cost of this full course package is $845

Junior Operator's License Behind the Wheel ONLY

The Behind the Wheel (BTW) Training only package offers Massachusetts required 12 hours of driving time instruction and 6 hours of Driving Observation time.  The cost of this package is $700.

Private Lesson

One hour Private Lessons can be scheduled by contacting our office. Parents and students may elect to have additional BTW instruction and practice with one of our certified driving instructors. Cost of this service is $75 per hour for Safety 1st Students.  For non students the cost of this service is $150 per hour.

Road Test

State License Exam Service - Safety 1st Driving Academy offers a license test sponsorship program where the student uses our vehicle to take the road test.  One of our certified driving instructors will pick up the student 1 hour prior to the test for additional driving practice.  Service fee is $175 for students who have taken our course.  For non-students the service fee is $350.  Please note that this fee does not include the mandatory RMV state licensing fees.  


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